Research Collaborative

NORTH - The North West Otolaryngology Research Trainee Hub

NORTH was formed in 2018 as a joint collaborative venture between the North West and Mersey sub-regional trainee collaborative research networks, who had been operating independently prior to this. NORTH is a trainee-led working group and network which develops and coordinates research and audit projects across the North West and Mersey regions. NORTH provides trainees with the opportunities to develop regional research and audit projects, and supports their research skill development through project design and critical appraisal training courses. We work closely with the local NIHR CRN and INTEGRATE, the national ENT trainee research collaborative. All project ideas are welcomed in a PICO format, and the current project on Eustachian tube dysfunction was selected by local trainers through open competition. 

The Mersey group date. The North West trainees have received the George Seed prize for best paper presented at the North of England Otolaryngology meeting for their work on the efficacy of Buscopan in oesophageal food bolus obstruction, and presented numerous oral and poster presentations at international, national and regional meetings. Both regions have contributed to the INTEGRATE Epistaxis 2016 audit and systematic reviews, and the 2018 INTEGRATE-BAHNO British Association of Head & Neck Oncologists cancer surveillance audit projects.

If you'd like to learn more on how to become involved in trainee-led research, would like to propose a project, or would like to develop your own research skills please do contact either of the NORTH leads as below.

Maha Khan - ST5, North West

INTEGRATE - Collaborator Engagement Officer

BOARS - British Otolaryngology 

ENT-UK – Student & Foundation Doctors (SFO-UK) committee

ENT-UK - Global Health committee

ENT-UK - Sepsis committee

Richard Siau - ST5, North West - Mersey